Simona Bernasconi is MONICA

or rather the “femme fatale”
Her motto: to seduce is an art


How wonderful to teach dancing! Monica would really like her work, if it wasn’t for certain men dancing way too close... The only one she can’t seduce is Leo. She just cannot understand: Is theirs only a special friendship, or is there something more? At any rate her talents as a seductress will help the plan in which he asked her to participate, to succeed...


Simona Bernasconi was born in Lugano in 1975. After attending the Steiner school in Ticino, she studies singing and acting in Italy. She also studies dancing and participates in various TV spots (Bauli, Wind, Mediaset Premium, Vitaldent, ecc.).


She worked recently in different video stories (Gibus, Ikea, ecc.). Since 2010 she is part of Tepsi (teatro popolare della Svizzera italiana). In 2013 she worked in the box-office Ticino hit “La Palmira, ul film” by Alberto Meroni, in “Oro verde” by Mohammed Soudani to be released in 2014, and in “Il Pretore” by Giulio Base.