Ignazio Oliva is LEO

better know as “the undertaker”

His motto: my clients never complain


He inherited a funeral home from his father, but he has quite different aspirations. All the same though he has an entrepreneurial spirit and if there’s money to be earned... why not? In the end it’s not about stealing, but only substituting. And then, there’s Monica...


Polyglot (he speaks Italian, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and many Italian dialects), Ignazio Oliva graduated in Political Science at the Genova University and he then attended a 3-year class at the Teatro Cinque in Milan. He worked for theater and tv (“Tutti pazzi per amore 2”, “Paura d’amare 2”, “Un cuore matto”). His debut in cinema is in 1993 in “Come due coccodrilli” by G. Campiotti.

He then plays in “Io ballo da sola” by B. Bertolucci, “Il tempo dell’amore” by G. Campiotti, “L’ultima lezione” by F. Rosi, “Passato prossimo” by M.S. Tognazzi, “Scusa ma ti chiamo amore” and “Scusa ma ti voglio sposare” by F. Moccia, “Diaz” by D. Vicari. He lately worked in “Il venditore di medicine” by A Morabito, “Se chiudo gli occhi non sono più qui”, by V. Moroni, and “Oro Verde” by M. Soudani.