Fausto Sciarappa is MARIO

otherwise known as “the engineer”

His motto: God helps those who help themselves


But how did Mario fall so low? From an engineer with a degree and a manager of a computer company to an employee in a call center, all day long trying to sell silicone breast implants to elderly women... and in addition keeping it from his wife! To regain a bit of dignity, he engineers an ingenious plan that cannot fail. And for this he needs a first class team...


Fausto Maria Sciarappa was born in 1966 in Verona, Italy. After his studies at the Birmingham School of Acting, he has his first role in the Jacques Rivette’s film “Va savoir” in 2001. Back in Italy, he plays in “La meglio gioventù” by Marco Tullio Giordana in 2003, in “I giorni dell’abbandono” by Roberto Faenza in 2005 and in “La ragazza del lago” of 2007. He also has a role in the blockbuster by Ron Howard “The Da Vinci Code”, with Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou. He then is in “Scusa ma ti chiamo amore” (2008), “Un giorno perfetto” with Stefania Sandrelli and “L’uomo che ama” with Piefrancesco Favino and Monica Bellucci.

He then plays Umberto in “Figli delle Stelle” and the following year in “Il Gioiellino” with Toni Servillo and “Sulla strada di casa”. Recently, he played in “Oro verde” and in the new film by Carlo Verdone, “Sotto una buona stella”, to be released in 2014. For television he plays in “Romanzo criminale”, “Fuori classe” with Luciana Litizzetto, “Amanda Knox” and in the successful series by Ivan Cotroneo “Una mamma imperfetta” where he plays the role of the husband of the main protagonist Chiara.