Diego Gaffuri is THE PROFESSOR

better known as “the professor”

His motto: a lock is like the heart of a woman


He is the only professional in the midst of a gang of amateurs. It’s true, he is retired, but he hasn’t lost his magic touch. After all, in his prime, he was the fifth greatest safe cracker of all time.


Diego Gaffuri started his career at the Teatro Stabile in Como. After some works in cinema and TV in Italy, he then collaborated mainly with RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera, for which he played in many TV series and in dubbing. Diego Gaffuri was one of the protagonists of the six seasons of the TV series “Affari di famiglia” produced by RSI. Also known as radio actor, he is often part of Radiodramas produced by RSI. For the Teatro della Svizzera Italiana he played Vito Tümpel in “La brocca rotta” di Heinrich von Kleist by Sandro Bertossa. In theater, he was directed by Sergio Maspoli in “Vintmila in crüsca” (1981), “Ramina” (1983), ol comisari), “Ol beléé da Cüragnèla” (1984), ol sindigh). He then worked with Vittorio Barino at the Teatro Cittadella in Lugano.