Carlos Leal is AUGUSTO

also known as “the bumbler”

His motto: I didn’t do it on purpose


If a table turns over, a bicycle slips and crashes in the street, a pizza falls on the floor, glassware is broken, you can be sure that Augusto must be nearby. Clumsy, clueless, inept and naive, Augusto is however also, for those who know how to appreciate him, a great poet. Mario understands this and, thanks to Augusto, his plan will take on a decisive change.


Carlos Leal was born in Losanne, Switzerland in 1969 from Spanish immigrants. In 1990 he co-founds the successful rap group Sens Unik. After producing some video clips, Carlos takes part in the documentary “Babylon 2” after which he decides to seriously undertake a career as an actor. In 2000 he studies at the Actor Studio Jack Garfein in Paris. In 2006 he is invited as best new Swiss actor in “Shooting Star” al the Berlin Film Festival and he wins the award as best Swiss actor for his performance in “Snow White” by Samir. The same year he works in the blockbuster “Casino Royale”, by Martin Campbell with Daniel Craig in his first role as James Bond, where he plays the croupier.

In 2007 he is in the Spanish series R.I.S. Cientifica spagnola. In 2009 he plays the main role in Michael Steiner’s “Sennentuntschi” and in “Carré Blanc” by Donato Rotunno. In 2009 he works in the series “Boulevard du Palais” and in “Dein Weg” by Emilio Estevez. In Switzerland he is the testimonial of the provider for internet and TV services UPC Cablecom. Besides “Oro Verde”, he just completed the shooting of “20 Regeln für Sylvie” by Jacques à Bâle in the main role. He’s living for some time in LA with his family.